Mystik Molly - Time Traveller


A Traveller with Tales to Tell from times before Time

Back in the mists of time a wise woman fell asleep beneath the sacred abele; the silver leaves fell upon her as she slept; and when she awoke she had been bestowed with mystic powers - Molly discovered that she was now immortal and could travel to any place and any time.   And so Mystik Molly has travelled the world through time, witnessing events both wonderful and terrible, gathering artifacts along the way as souvenirs of the times she has visited.  Molly has been an alchemist's assistant (back in 1578) , an apothecary (in 1400), a priestess (in ancient Hellas), a slave (in Rome)...  Molly witnessed the Trojan War, the Black Death, the Boudicca revolt...  Molly knows ancient crafts such as soapmaking, natural dye making, hedgerow cookery, herbal medicine, paintmaking...  Molly has wonderful stories to tell, stories about Balor of the Evil Eye (Celtic mythology), Arachne and Athena (Greek myth), Isis and Osiris (Egyptian)...  Molly can tell about ordinary everyday life in the Iron Age, Romano-Britain, Saxon times, Tudor times...  Molly has baskets filled with treasures of history - fossils that were at various times believed to be victims of Balor, victims of Medusa, victims of the Great Flood or practise creations; a meteorite that would once have been thought to be a piece of the heavens hurled down in anger; fossilised shark's teeth that were thought to be dragons teeth; medieval jugs, Roman pottery, flint arrowheads, neolithic animal bone... 

Mystik Molly can be booked to visit schools, libraries, fairs and fetes, tourist attractions, homeschool groups, etc. to talk to children about whatever period of history you choose or simply as a storyteller or just to teach about the many artefacts she has, which may be handled under supervision.  Molly has completely authentic costumes for the periods she teaches. Molly can cover an historical period generally (e.g. Celtic, Roman, Saxon, Tudor), a specific event in history (Black Death, Armada, Boudicca revolt) or a specific topic within a period e.g. Tudor medicine, Celtic food, Roman clothing etc.  Just detail your requirements when booking a visit/event.